S.O.U.L. Purpose “The Way We Live” Music Video

With this being the first post on “TCK on Broadway”, I’d like to set it off properly with someone who exemplifies what TCK krew represents. The Top City Krew is composed of Typical City Kids. More on that in the near future..

Here we have my homeslice Mazzi dropping the lead video from his latest album. The video takes place in Manhattan’s Tompkins Square park. During the mid to late 1990’s, TCK and friends practiced breaking in there every Tuesday night in the Summer. Shout out to the Tompkins Square Rockers. Bobbito also filmed his “Basics to Boogie” in there. The park has tons of history that predates us.

S.O.U.L. Purpose “The Way We Live” Music Video
Shot and Directed by M.Louis “Royilltee” Bruno
Bonus video “Concrete Jungle” follows
Track off sophomore album “The Construction”
Cameos by Poison Pen, Dp One and the TCK Pound.

Mazzi has been true to rap music as an emcee, but also true to Hip Hop overall. He was very involved when the NY “Underground rap scene” actually mattered. If there was a microphone or cypher, he was there and he held his own.

One of my fondest memories of Mazzi’s rapping abilities came as I was working the overnight shift at Old Navy in Brooklyn 1996/97. Mazzi was up at “The Underground Railroad” radio show with A.L. Skills and I believe Jedi (from House of reps), as well as Icon (who was like a Puerto Rican Kool G Rap). It was one of the longest freestyle sessions around back then. They killed it!

I was so hyped as I listened through the headphones of my walkman (yeah walkman..remember those?),that I didn’t care about “perfect folding” t-shirts or fixing the denim wall. Those were the days..

Anyway, peace to my man Mazzi Tck. Tonight he’s having his album release party and I wish him continued success. I plan to get a one on one interview from him about the trials and tribulations of the music industry as an artist, as well working for the machine. Trust me, he has gems to share.

Welcome To TCK On Broadway.

Peace to Foams, Reals, Vaz, Bonafide, Dage, Sege, Kel, Doves, Maestro, DJ Mondee, Smirk and Tck Massive.

Thanks to Bobbito, Crazylegs, J Smooth, The Ego Trip crew, Carl Weston and Kimbo Slice for the continued Inspiration.

Rest in Peace Sean Bell

Carlito Roc

Thoughts Create Knowledge

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