Ghostface – IRONMAN Release party.

Ghostface Killah’s cameo in the IRONMAN movie may have been a bit short, but the props from Marvel comics have been long overdue. He’s been promoting the character for more than a decade and has certainly done his share to associate quality with the name.

Even though Ghostface’s first solo album came out in late 1996, the release party for his IRONMAN album took place a few years later in 1999 at Tramps in NYC. In hindsight, its pretty amazing considering the fact that most rap albums of today don’t even last that long.

It was a great event. After the opening acts, Papa Wu grabbed the microphone and let everyone know what they were in store for. In an instant, out came the GZA who ran through the instant classics from his LIQUID SWORDS album, followed by a set from the RZA in full Bobby Digital persona. The RZA broke character and laughed heartily when he performed “Domestic Violence” as he seemed to no longer be at war with his woman.

When it was time for the HipHop Tony Stark to take the stage, he did so with reckless abandon and left the stage in flames. Alongside Raekwon and his Wutang brotha’s from otha motha’s…he ran through lyrical powerhouses such as “Fish”, “Daytona 500”, “Winter Warz” and “Motherless Child”. He finished his set with “Wildflower” and brought down the house. I couldn’t even tell you if there were other performances after him. It didn’t even matter. When Ghost was done performing one thing was for sure, the microphone turns a very human Dennis Coles into a superhero.

There are many bandwagon jumpers now, but the true Ghostface fans know that his first album is what defined him as a bonafide star and a legend. The casual Ghost listener wouldn’t even realize that there are two tracks from the IRONMAN album that he isn’t even on, but his strong presence is still felt.

As you go to the movies to check out the great film IRONMAN, don’t forget to play or pick up a copy of Ghostface’s first great masterpiece as well.

Peace to the Gods.


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