Each DJ has only one minute to showcase the talent that is going to keep him/her in the battle. Only 8 DJs selected by the judges can advance. The rest will probably get gonged…

Each of the 8 DJs will go head to head for only one round of 90 seconds each until 4 are left standing.

The top four DJs take it back to the wheels for two rounds of 90 seconds each in their struggle to continue on in the competition. Only two DJs are going to be able to handle the whole weight.

Two DJ contenders will now face the biggest challenge of the whole battle – going head to head for 90 seconds each for a total of three rounds! Creativity-wise, this is very demanding, for a DJ, as he/she must be able to have fresh routines and the all out skills to take on anything the other DJ has been saving! The last DJ standing will win prizes and be named the winner of that heat and will go on to the finals.


*Names will be pulled randomly from a hat to determine who will battle who and a coin will be flipped to determine which DJ goes first.

1. STANDARD EQUIPMENT: Only two Technics 1200 turntables and a Stanton SA-5 Gong Battle Mixer can be used in the battle. There will be two set ups.

2. DJs MUST BRING:their own needles, slipmats, headphones, vinyl, etc.

3. JUDGING: DJs will be judged on the normal stuff yada yada. If someone beat juggles against someone’s body tricks, all that matters is who was better. Nothing else.

4. BITING, REPEATING ROUTINES AND OUTRIGHT WACKNESS: A DJ will be gonged if the judges think that he/she is biting or wack. It’s OK to show influence but outright use of the same records (with the exception of a diss) and doing the same routine will be grounds for being eliminated by way of the gong.

5. DJS MUST BE READY to go when its his/her turn. If a DJs isn’t well prepared (with the exception of equipment failure), the judges can gong them out of the battle and their opponent will automatically advance.

6. ANY DJ OF ANY AGE FROM ANYWHERE CAN ENTER provided he or she arrives in time to sign up for the first elimination round. There may be a limit to how many DJs can enter the eliminations, if there are an overwhelming amount of competitors and a limited amount of time.

7. GUESTS: Each of the first 30 DJs who sign up to compete get in free and can bring one complimentary guest.

SUGGESTED: Competing DJs should be able to supply a short paragraph (ideally printed in advance) listing – DJ name, gov’t name, crew affiliations, phone, cell, e-mail, website, complete street mailing address including city, state and zip code and his/her top 5 wins/achievements as a DJ.

All DJs will be filmed and are asked to sign a release form for the use of their image/performance for the DVD titled “Roc Raida presents The Gong DJ Battle”. DJs under a certain age will have to have a parent or guardian sign for them. The release to film is available through Roc Raida for anyone who wants to read it in advance. Be advised that Roc Raida may need extra footage from the final 8 DJs on mini dv or dvd reflecting a normal day in his/her life. The winner of a battle for which a dvd is produced, will get 10 percent of the earnings of the DVD (after costs are re-couped of course), and up to 1 minute of commercial time on the DVD to promote what ever he/she wants (supplied by the DJ). The winner will receive his/her 10 percent quarterly from Adiar Cor Inc). The DVD will consist of the battle as a whole and will be released as soon as possible after the battle.

Only the top 8 DJs can have a friend film his or her set for their own archives. That person will only be permitted to film the designated DJ/s and not the whole battle.


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