Barack Obama, Whooay

Earlier this year I went to the Carribean for vacation and saw first hand how in tune everyone was with American politics.

In the bars/pubs/cabs/planes everyone was chatting about what was a 3 way race at the time.

Novembers presidential race was just as hot a topic as cricket or soccer.  Everyone had an opinion.

Back in Nyc, Buju Banton made time during his set at the Msg Mothers Day show to address the impact of the race on him and the people in Jamacia. To paraphrase, he said its very impressive whats going on, but not to count your chickens before they hatch.

Reggae star Cocoa Tea and Calypso Icon The Mighty Sparrow took the chatter to new heights by crafting excellent songs about the guy whom they think is best suited for the white house.  Mr. Obama of course.

So kick back, grab a beef pattie (not from a pizzeria), crack open a stout and tap the wall to salute the best campaign songs this side of Babylon.  Seen!!

Bonus Video: Cocoa Tea breaks down why he made the song.


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