MCF = Money Comes First.

Personally I think the Nba rule that prevents players from going into the league right after high school is retarded. Teams that don’t want players that young, don’t have to draft them.

Colleges could care less about educating these guys. The Ncaa is a pimping system that uses players to generate money for the schools.

This past draft set a record for the number of freshmen players taken in the first round.

Anyway, here’s a shift in events. One of this countries top high school point guards is deciding to forgo college in order to play pro ball in Europe.

That player is Brandon Jennings.

I had the opportunity to see Mr. Jennings (and his flat top) play up at the Rucker a few nights ago. He’s a talented scorer who’s good at running his team.

I wish him the best as he heads to Europe and look forward to seeing him in the league in a year or two.

Peep this video of the kid getting loose at the Jordan Classic.


2 responses to “MCF = Money Comes First.

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