Things younger than John McCain.

“John McCain was born on August 29th, 1936. If elected, he would be the oldest person inaugurated to a first-term as President.”

Funny link,  this guy puts things in perspective.

Some of my favorite/standout things that are younger than the great war hero:

The United States Zip Code system.

The Area Code System.


LP Records.

How can you be older than Nylon and Velcro, then want to run a country during the computer age? He’s gotta find a rocking chair and fall back.

Kraft Mac N Cheese. Created in 1937!!! No way! The chocolate chip cookie and Krispy Kreme were created in 1937 too!! wow.

Should John McCain be excluded from the presidential race based on his age? Hell no, but are you telling me that he’s the only person in the Republican party qualified to run? That’s the best they could do? An old geezer who’s older than ballpoint pens and who voted against “King Day” twice?

Come on now, at least get a realistic figurehead instead of Mr Potato Head.


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