The Dark Knight.

First off, I’ll start by saying, the Jack Nicholson/ Michael Keaton Batman is my favorite, and The Dark Knight didn’t change that.

An Oscar for Heath…who cares? He can’t accept it where he is.
That being said.. It was a very good movie. I give it 4/5 Dylans.

By comparison I gave Ironman 5/5 Dylans.

Anyway, I saw The Dark Knight at the Sheepshead Bay Theatre here in Brooklyn. If u know anything about Sheepshead Bay, you know that if you don’t get inside an hour early, you’re going to end up sitting in the first row, if at all.

I got there about half an hour before the 9:40 show and even bumped into my man Opie, but forgot to tell him to hold seats for me as i went to the bathroom. Damn!

After cutting the line for the 10:20 show, I got really good seats for the movie and sat back to watch the mad scramble for seats. “Anyone sitting there?” “Those taken?” “Can you move over pleeaase?”

Parents got separated from kids, dates sat in different rows and one or two sat on the floor.

Nasty Vaz hit me with a text saying that The Dark Knight was the best movie he’d seen since The Empire Strikes Back. Hmmm…sounds like this movie is going to stir some debate.


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