Me And Da Biz…

If I bump into Masta “ASE” at the show, I’m going to ask him to perform “Me and Da Biz”. I still love that song and try to play it every time I dj.  Wouldn’t it be crazy if Biz Mark himself did his parts? I’d lose my mind!

I’m going to bring my vinyl just in case Ace says he doesn’t have the beat.

On second thought, most dj’s dont even play vinyl anymore..

Lets see how it goes.

Thursday July 31, 2008


Biz Markie with a special live dj set hosted by Masta Ace with Large Pro and Marco Polo.

Exclusive perfomances by other special guest artists plus

Open Mic

The first 25 MCs to register at the door will get to spit live over Large Pro and Marco Polo’s Beats

Open Mic hosted by: Jeru the Damaja, Juju of the Beatnuts.

8 pm

$12 in advance or RSVP/$18 at the door

18+ 21 to drink


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