So I went on Duck Tours..

..And had a really good time.

Here are some pics that I took while doing the tourist thing for a day here in New York City.

^^ Where do you find Duck Tours? Just head over to Times Square right across from the Hershey Chocolate store.

^^ So there she is..My ship for the day. (45 mins really).

^^ You know its official when they have their own mascot.

^^ To get tickets, you’ll have to talk to one of these African dudes. They don’t speak much English, but they’ll find someone who speaks better English and have them explain what Duck Tours is about. Some of them even offer a money back guarantee if the boat is too full.

As I board the ship and take my seat, I hear a commotion going on down on the sidewalk.

Well, it turns out that they won’t give you your money back if there are no seats and a couple decided to get the police involved.

As they sorted that mess out, I looked up at a 17 story Puffy Ad.  Thats gotta cost an arm and a leg.

^^ Also noticed that Tristan Wilds from “The Wire” will be on the new 90210 series. I probably won’t watch the show, but I wish him continued success.

^^ Time to roll. Here we are heading down 7th Ave and cruising by 42nd St.

^^ I never noticed the hand on the top of that building. Did you?

Yeah right..

^^ Chrysler building. Which is the worlds tallest brick building. They sure don’t make em like that anymore.

^^ A few blocks away from the Empire St Building. Now the tallest building in Nyc

^^View of the Empire St. from right next to it on 34th street.

^^ The Great Madison Sq Garden.  Supposedly they want to move the Garden further south when the Nets arena gets built in Brooklyn. Not sure if they’ve scrapped those plans yet. That would be the second time that Msg moved.

^^ Jacob Javits Center. I’ve never been to anything here besides the Ny Auto Show. I’ve been going to that every Easter Sunday since 1994. Never missed a year.

^^ Skyscraper and Skyscraping in progress.

^^ Skyline action.

^^ So after rolling down the West side highway, we pull into a little hanger to watch a movie on Henry Hudson’s voyage to New York.  I had gotten used to rolling around Manhattan in a boat but now its time to make a splash.

Back to dry land and surveillance.

Quote of the day went to the tour guide, who looked at the bus next to us and yelled into the mic:

“Have fun on your bus, while we have fun on our boaaaaat!”


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