News you can use.

I have little faith in the vote of the people aka the popular vote. I keep my eyes on the people who really choose the president aka the electorial college.

The race for the 270 electorial votes can be kept track of here. See where your state stands.

If you aren’t registered and would like to register click here for info.

You a natty dreadlocks and catching flack at your workplace? They wanna turn you into a crazy baldhead? Follow this story and work on your discrimination suit.

Brooklyn Children’s Museum is back in effect. If you have a lil one who would like some culture check out this link. They even have a mini L n B Spumoni Gardens.

Speaking of Brooklyn, peep this entertaining back and forth with Nov York (author/writer), and some website editor. I’m looking forward to the new book. Going to try to get a copy before I go on vacation.

Wish my boy Smirk would give me back my copy of Nov York. He’s had it for over 4 years I think. His past due fees are off the chart like the economy.


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