Mia-Atl 1.

Here are a few shots from my vacation in Miami and Georgia last week. Every time I leave New York and come back, I forget how filthy this city is. Its good to get away for some sun, surf, nature and fresh air.

Sometimes I wonder what it would take to get out of here and get a nice house on Star Island.

But I digress, enjoy.

Duck Tours!

Found it!

After driving around South Miami, the Duck Tours boat/bus splashed into Biscayne Bay and gave us a tour of the elusive Star Island.

^^The most expensive home on the island ($50 million) belongs to drug dealer Philip Frost. Who is that you ask? Check here.  All of the palm trees were flown in from South Africa at a cost of $18,000 each. He had about 18 of em. Yup, ballin outta control.

A break from the millionaires and a dose of the real Miami. Flea market bootleggers. If you haven’t been to a flea market in Miami, then you haven’t been to Miami. Seriously.

Back to the flix:

Not sure if I’ll ever be able to afford a house on the elusive Star Island, but I’m good money for a house boat right now. I could live on the water and be 5 minutes away, without the million dollar price tags. It’s actually free to live in this part of the bay. You just have to watch out for hurricanes, heavy fines for hitting manatees and pirates (yes, pirates still exist). I give these boaters a lot of respect for living their dreams on the ocean.

The style of architecture that you see most often in Miami beach is called ‘nautical art deco’. All of the buildings are made to resemble cruise ships.  Rounded edges, port hole windows, ship styled cabins and railings, etc.

Best part of Miami? Family Time!


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