Night Watch. Nyc October ’08.

^^His letters are invisible under the wraps..nice. Nicer rather.

^^Mark the 45 King, djing on his birthday. He spun mostly songs that he produced. Lots of established artists as well as locals from New Jerz on the come up. His body of work is pretty amazing.

^^Very puzzling was the Lower East Side “Nutcracker”.  Very different from whats sold uptown. Be careful where you get them from.

^^Sad little bike. All locked up so it doesn’t get stolen.

^^Sad little plant.

^^ Doh!

^^I had a good time at this gallery show.  The place was so packed that I never got a chance to see the book that the event was for. Peace to Kel 5mh, Uend, Probe 4, Christina Most, Clark Fly Id & Erotica.

^^41 Shots, Dym. G’day Mate.


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