Tck Fantasy Basketball 2008-2009

Another year of fantasy basketball is upon us. Peace to all the players around the world. Fantasy basketball is one of the most addicting, nerve wrecking and time consuming things I’ve ever been a part of.

I like the team that I drafted this year and think we will be hard to beat. Dj Mondee, who won the past  two titles is not playing this year, so the chip is up for grabs.

Check out my squad, “The Shower Posse”

The Shower Posse

1.  Kobe Bryant
2.  Carlos Boozer
3.  David West
4.  Zydrunas Ilgauskas
5.  Chris Kaman
6.  Gerald Wallace
7.  Andre Miller
8.  Manu Ginobili
9.  Al Harrington
10. Luis Scola
11. Jameer Nelson
12. Rafer Alston
13. Ryan Gomes
14. Kendrick Perkins
15. Mike Conley


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