Investigative Reports: Hip Hop Illuminati?

{ed note: if the video above is still private, maybe that means the Hip Hop Illuminati is watching you and has logged your ip address. You can still see the video here though}.

The debate on Hip Hop’s ties to the Illuminati have been going on for some time now.

If you’ve had your ear to the street, you caught the uproar that occurred when Lil Kim’s ex, “World Wise” was connecting dots about four years ago on the radio.  He spoke on many things including the Masonic references on Jay-Z’s “Reasonable Doubt” album.

World Wise has since been locked up for some real crazy charges.  He was also allegedly involved in this, this, and this. Not to mention this supposed link to Brooklyn’s own Mike Tyson. Wow. Can World write a book please??

Also fanning the flames of conspiracy in the direction of the Jigga man, was rapper Prodigy’s handwritten note to URB magazine.

Peep it:

Is any of this plausible?

Time will tell, or maybe it won’t..but one thing is for certain. Hip Hop’s Illuminati is a lot more interesting than hearing about the weekly rapper chain snatching.

Oh, and about that Jaz-O video Prodigy was talking about?



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