2009-News You Can Use.

Happy New Years folks!

I’ve sobered up, put down the wine and now I’m back on the grind!

To set things off, here’s some news you can use:

The new Benicio Del Toro film on Che Guevera took 8 years to make.  Click here for the NY Post write up on “Che”. I will be seeing it very soon as well.

Are you in the habit of challenging parking tickets? No? Well, you’ve been missing out and wasting money paying the full amount by mail.  Click here for the NY Times Article on how to save scrilla on parking tickets.

So it seems like drug companies are going to stop giving doctors toys, pens, sports tickets and other trinkets while trying to solicit them to carry their drugs. Peep it here.

Sticking with the cash theme, cash still rules in 2009. Which is why our government is printing a whole lot more.


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