Movie Time 3.


Over the years, my personal opinion on Biggie’s music and image was that he had too much of a Harlem influence because in Brooklyn, we don’t have pretty “playas” like the do Uptown. Especially not in the area where Big is from. Artists like Bootcamp Click, Jeru the Damaja and the Group Home never strayed from the “Bk Steez”. Anyway, in this video you’ll get to see Bed-Stuy before the gentrification that exists now and a feel for Big before Puffy.

The Plot:

This is a documentary on the life of Mr. Christopher Wallace. By talking to old friends, family and music industry insiders, the director tries to give a well balanced view of who Biggie Smalls really was. It’s told from a Brooklyn perspective.

The Good:

The stories from old friends about Big. This is a great film to see before seeing the movie “Notorious”.

The Bad:

The actual footage of Big’s truck when it got shot up.

What I Learned:

Although it was heavy on the dry snitching, the story of what happened in Sacramento was pretty sick. You can check that out here.

Favorite Lines:

Too many to name. Many jewels were dropped. Easy Mo B, Lord Digga etc.


The Plot:

A small time record label owner in Chicago takes a few risks and makes history.

The Good:

Although all of the characters were vastly exaggerated, it was still a good movie and pretty entertaining. If you liked “Ray”, this should be up your alley. Jeffrey Wright was great as Muddy Waters, with Columbus Short as Little Walter, Mos Def as Chuck Berry, Eamonn Walker (Kareem Said from OZ!) as Howlin’ Wolf .

The Bad:

The usual trappings of Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll.

What I learned:

When you want something fixed in a band, speak to the band leader. Also, it makes cops very mad when you drive with no doors and don’t EVER take some strange youth across state lines.

Favorite Lines:

Lil Walter: “Say now,  which one of you muf–kers is LiL Walter”?

Imposter: “I am fool”.

Lil Walter: “Okay”. :::gunshot:::


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