Rap Smoke-A-Thon.

Rap and marijuana seem to go together like cheese on pizza. Watch as Juelz Santana’s idea for a Rap Smoke-a-thon goes from his (high as a kite) imagination, around the country and back, with responses from other rapping pot heads, only to get  swagger-jacked by the West Coast’s Dogg Pound.

Click the scenes to watch the wildness.

Scene One: Juelz’s brotherly love challenge and fashion lesson.

Scene Two: Cap 1 response.

Scene Three: Piff Unit tries to be down.

Scene Four: Daz  Dillinger from the Dogg Pound shows off his medical marijuana cards. Impressive.

Scene Five: Shiest Bubbz. First guy to shoot a music video to announce his entrance into the weed smoking competition. Displays an array of blunts.

Scene Six: Mistah Fab shows off some greenery.

Scene Seven: Daz returns with a better idea. Snoops idea actually..

Scene Eight: Yukk Mouth has Gucci too and puts some stacks plus a turkey bag on it.

Personally, I think all of these guys without the fancy grow cards are really just setting themselves up for trouble with the law as they show off.

Lets see how it devleops and who goes to jail first.


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