2 Face aka Natural Elements.

One of my favorite groups from the mid to late 90’s was Natural Elements. I still play their old singles when I spin.

Here they are performing a new song called “Howard Stern” live. Peace to Mr. Voodoo and Jay Smooth.

I used to listen to Stern religiously and have duffel bags filled with tapes of his old shows. One day I’ll figure out how to digitize my Stern, Stretch n Bob and Underground Railroad tapes.

On a side note, check out Common “Sense” on Stretch and Bob in 1994. A lot different from the Common now.

Peace to Nasty Vaz, Dage, Tenz and Kel Doggs.


2 responses to “2 Face aka Natural Elements.

  1. Yea,Natural Elements were the gods. This new ish is pretty dope,too.Thanks.
    I’m stupid with this internet shit and can’t find your email. Hit me up(nh),I had a friend give me step by step instructions on how to get your tapes onto the web.I’d like to send them to you,family.

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