The Funky Road Runner.

Peace to Chi Ali, who along with Da Youngsta’s were my favorite child rappers of the 90’s. Honorable mention goes to Special Ed who was also about 14  years old, when he started recording his classic first album “Youngest In Charge”. Chi’s first album, “The Fabulous Chi Ali” is also a classic to me. The beats, rhymes and concepts were excellent. Surrounded by rap royalty, he was like the Hip Hop version of Richie Rich or even Ricky Schroder on Silver Spoons.

I remember getting a severe case of homesickness while on vacation in Miami with my family, but went to the music store and found the cassette (singles!) for Brand Nubians’ “Love Me or Leave Me Alone” and the original “Funky Road Runner”(the version with the video and deeper voice was the remix ). Those  tapes held me down for the rest of the trip and made me feel like I was still in the city.

It was a sad day when I got the word that Chi was on the run for shooting his ex-girl’s brother following an argument. Damn, Damn, Damn. He did manage to avoid the fuzz and get out of the Bronx though. He went into hiding and was able to lay low (pause)for about two years, before being showcased on the television show America’s Most Wanted.

Peep the Youtoobs below for his situation, in his own words.

Free the Chi!


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