I’ve been listening to Termanology for about a year now, thanks to my dude Bobby Lopez 5mh and DJ 3d of The Underground Railroad Radio Show, here in New York.

I didn’t even realize he had music videos until today.  At first, I didn’t like his music because I thought he was too much of a line biter. If you jack more than 3 popular lines from popular rappers and put them in your music..I’m usually better off listening to the original artist. Nahmean?

After giving it a real good listen during a trip to the city, I was able to understand and appreciate his rhymes and style.  He’s studied his craft and and will hopefully continue to put out good music.

I’m a strictly vinyl dj, but was still amazed by Primo’s light saber turntables. Forget flying cars, thats the illest new invention.  Anyone know if those things are real or just for show?

Either way, Vinyl is love.


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