Connect, Pollitic, Ditto: Host 18 Dym

Carlito Roc: Yo Host! How’ve you been rude boy?

I live!

Carlito Roc: For the people who don’t know, tell em who u are, where you are from and what you do in the name of Hip Hop.

I am Host18.  I am from the anchor of NYC; Brooklyn. In the name of Hip-Hop I order the powers of style writing! In the name of Wo-Hop I order Vegetable Lo-Mien!

Carlito Roc: I’ve been watching you develop this futuristic digital style for at least a year or two now. When did you come up with it exactly and does it have a name?

Thats a hard one to call. I started playing with this style of internals in like 06 but it wasn’t until late 07 that I really developed it into what it is today. Curve from Philly dubbed it “that Robotec shit”.

CR: True, Trueee. In this piece (above), the use of the same color in the fill and 3d shows an elevated visual vocabulary not often seen. What kind of rap lyrics are on your mind when painting this first element of Hip Hop?

The reversal of color roles in my piece here is something I have done many times but typically targeted a single letter such as my O.
I’m like a visual MC, namean? The can in my hand be my mic and the city is my rap studio. I’m just trying to lay down the hype tracks to make you bob your skull piece.

CR: Personally, I think you first nailed this style perfectly (n.h.) on the “Free America” piece. Before that, it seemed like your style was half analog/ half digital. Would you agree and what would you attribute to your progression?

When I nail something, it’s screwed. Cause my shit is mad twisted. Can you feel me? (n.h.)
I would say that the Free America piece was an benchmark for me stylistically and technically.
What keeps me progressing is that I’m never satisfied with what I paint even though I constantly see an elevation in my own work. When I look back to a year ago I can see a large progression from then to now. I cant wait to be dissatisfied with what I’m doing in 5 years, I’m sure it will be leaps better than what I am doing now.

CR: Random question, what was your favorite place to eat in Canarsie, Brooklyn?

Hmmm that is a tough one to call but probably the Seaview Diner (RIP). Not because of the terrible food but just for the fond times.

CR: Are you an Armondo’s or Original’s Pizza guy?

Well unlike Dave Cooper I take my pizza eating seriously. Ave. L’s Originals isnt even a competitor in my eyes. Ralph ave., yes ok. But Armondos holds it down these days. Back in the days though it was Papa’s that was the realest deal pizza in Canarsie.

CR: What is your favorite brand of paint right now and do you think that the sponsorships from paint companies have encouraged people to paint more?

I’m really into Krylon with the fan caps, I think you cant get bagged if you use it cause it doesnt actually stay on the wall. I think people who are sponsored are able to paint more, it’s nice to not have to stress getting paint.

CR: What’s next for Host 18 and the Dym boys? Recruiting any girls or goons in the near future? Emcee or Dj battles maybe?

With Biggie and 2Pac not being with us anymore I feel like I have to take the reins and represent for Rap. I know they are watching over me, gawdian rap angels.

CR: Ok I hear that. I see your ride is here. As Uncle Ralph would say,”Any shout outs”?

I wanna say piece out to Rob Brown, Keith Smith, Tommy Bets, Jay Solo, and Amber Titlebaum.
Big ups to Mongoose who translated this interview and respect to the God Bzar for staying true to the game in the face of adversity from the Illuminati and the White Scorpion Society.

CR: Thanks for the update and quick style discussion. May the force be with you, live long and prosper, my man.

Ups Right Now! Peace!!

CR: Peace..or rather, Pieceeee!!

Host was here.



10 responses to “Connect, Pollitic, Ditto: Host 18 Dym

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  2. california jumpoff ! not brooklyn these guys paint clean but have no identity. one year tm 7 , next year , cycle tc 5, next year msk style . taboo, tenz, host are the sponge of graffiti. these guys cant be brooklyn gods truly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • What up Bies? I respect your opinion, but at the end of the day, there is no set Brooklyn Stylebook for anyone to follow.

      Once you wake up in the morning, as a writer, its your job to make your mark and keep it moving.

      If you’re a fan of more traditional styles, there’s still plenty of that in the city. nahmean?

    • which bies is that? strong words for someone with no work in the game! if you dont know DYMs style roots than you dont know your history

    • Bies, bring it back one second. With all do respect, if you knew anything about Host, Tenz or Taboo you’d know those guys came up doing their own thing from day one. No one brought them up under their wing or schooled them on style. They just painted and painted until they got it right.

  3. “Well unlike Dave Cooper I take my pizza eating seriously. Ave. L’s Originals i’snt even a competitor in my eyes.”

    Must a brother constantly be judged on mishaps from over a decade and a half ago??!!

    RESPECT to Host and Carlito Roc, the original Biggie and Puffy! (I’m not saying who’s who though)

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