Industry Shakedown Radio Show 1yr Anniversary.

Congrats to my dudes Pay Jay and Solace on the one year anniversary of their college radio show “Industry Shakedown Radio”. I give them credit for sticking with their show and format even when the program director was giving them hell.

I was originally just supposed to spin music in between the performances at their anniversary show, but ended up responsible for all the sound and music for the night.  It was a fun and challenging night that all in attendance enjoyed.

I’m still not sure what happened to Dallas Penn who was supposed to host the event.

Thanks to my dude Dj Stackswell, Angel of the Mona Passage and the cool ass sound man who defended us when his boss gave him hell about the volume and bass.

Check out a few of the videos that popped up on the net from the Sputnik show below.

Roc Marciano of Flipmode Squad.

Meyhem Lauren.

Timeless Truth.

Amo one, Precise Omega, 5MH Crew


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