What The Games been missing? Mystical.

I’ve been known to go deep underground with my musical tastes. Rap especially. I do give credit where it’s due though when someone is a good entertainer. For example, Outkast would have typically been out of my relm when they came out, but after giving them a chance,  I do think their first 3 albums are classics. They lost me after Aquemini.

While not comparing him lyrically or even stylistically to Outkast, I think Mystical had just as much personality in his music. Looking for something unrelated, I stumbled upon some of his old videos and was amazed at how well thought out and produced they were. Not to mention how hilarious they are!

All three videos that I’ve selected have good themes, great looking women, wild lyrics/delivery and the spirit of James Brown on dust.  It’s impossible to watch these videos without busting out laughing and admiring the eye candy.

First up? (n.h.) Tarantula!

I never even heard this song before recently seeing the video. I must have watched it over 30 times since then.

Favorite line? It’s hard to choose one. I can’t even make make it through the first verse without tears in my eyes. Also who’s this singer? Was Nate Dogg outta town? wtf?

Second Base? Shake Ya Ass! (but watch yourself).

When this  song came out, I was in South Beach, Miami chillin with my cousins Rex, Harry and Gene. Gene had a rented white minivan that we drove up and down the strip with the side door open, with this song blasting on repeat.

Favorite Line? Umm.. stumped again. Once the shaking starts, it’s hard to pick a favorite line.

3’s Company? Been So Long (n.h.)

So umm…Thoughts on the video right?? Well, this..er.. may be the greatest video of all time. Seriously. This video is dynomite times ten. Has there ever been a greater display of raw adreneline? I don’t even want to hear about those daggering videos either. Those folks are straight crazy.

Favorite line? Once again speechless and amazed at what was accomplished in the three minutes and forty seconds of that video.



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