Brandon Jennings did it his way.

Congrats to Brandon Jennings on his historic journey to the Nba.  He landed the tenth pick in the draft but wasn’t even in attendance at Madison Square Garden because he wasn’t 100% positive that he would have been drafted that early.  He did show up in the arena a few picks later, which was pretty cool. He must have been around the corner waiting for the good word.

We last spoke of him here.

If this is your first time hearing about Mr. Jennings,  he’s basically the first American player to go from high school to the Nba via Europe. Meaning he totally bypassed the college system and Nba’s age requirement by going pro for a year in Italy.

He was advised by the infamous Sonny Vaccaro aka the man who advised MJ23 to go with Nike as well as many other blockbuster deals.

Mr. Vaccaro most recently co-signed Jeremy Tyler’s descison to forgo his senior year of high school and go pro in Europe! The future of players like Jennings and Tyler will decide what becomes of the age limitations.

Time will tell.

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