News You Can Use.

So if you were wondering how our boy Big Doves made out in Miami, look no further. You can check out a few flicks of the event here.

The New York Times has been beefing up their Hip Hop coverage with good articles on Big Daddy Kane here and an article on Tuff City Tattoo Artist Pack here.

I forgot who sent this blog to me, I think it was home fry Tommy Rebs, but its all you would want to know about Andre The Giant.  I havent’ read the whole thing, but you can peep it here.

Think I saw this in depth article on writer RD, over at what you write. The guy makes some valid points..

This link about people who trade skills for medical bills comes from Reals Tck.

Been having interuptions in your wi-fi service at Starbucks? There’s an explination here.  Daddy Starbucks is basically trying to prevent you from parking your ass on their furniture as you nurse that tall frappacino and rice krispies treat for 8 hours, as you work on that screenplay that you hope to pitch to Mark Walberg. Can you blame them?

MCF = Money Comes First.

Peace and Happy Birthday to my DJ partner Chris Maestro Tck.


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