Looking for a new video camera.

So I’ve been looking for a nice compact video camera to take on my next vacation. Whenever that is..

At first, I was sold on getting one of the new trendy Flip cameras that everyone has until I saw this guys review. It didn’t seem so cool after viewing. Regardless of the switchblade USB function.

I then stumbled upon the review for another camera (below) and think my choice has been made. For some reason it just seems a lot cooler than the Flip cam. It has both the TV headphone jack as well as the UBS jack.

Own either? Hit me up. pause.


5 responses to “Looking for a new video camera.

  1. Both of those cameras seem pretty cheap to me. The Flip Cameras are kinda junky to me. If you are looking for a decent small camera I would check out Cnet.com and do some research. The problem with something like the Flip cams is that it is internal memory only, at 8GB too, which is a tiny amount of space for “HD” video (its not truly HD on those cams). I would get a camera that uses SD card memory at least. You can buy a 16GB memory card for like 30bucks. I believe on the 8GB youre only going to get like 2 hours of footage before you have to upload. At least with a card you can switch it out.

  2. Oh yeah and going to Youtube for product reviews is like looking for political or religious discussion on uhhh… Youtube. You’re pretty much getting some shmuck that doesnt know shit about shit. Stick to the pros.

  3. dont know if u made your purchase yet bro but I’ve had a flip for months and its been great. i bought a regular HD camcorder and returned it as it looked like crap on my tv. flip is great, seriously. hope all well

    • Rich, I actually picked up a camera already. I have yet to test out uploading video to youtube, but I’m compiling some cool videos.

      The flip cam wouldnt work for me because most of my usb ports are torn up. I may have to replace them or just wait until i get a new computer.

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