DJ Roc Raida Rest In Power.

Rest In Power to Roc Raida an original Xman and one of the greatest dj’s ever. Rob Swift and Roc Raida are major influences and inspirations of mine. I seriously feel the void that losing Raida leaves. I’m hard pressed to remember the last time that I shed tears for someone not in my family but it was impossible to hold them back. I feel the loss of Jam Master Jay and Roc Raida way more than I could for Biggie and Pac.

The man leaves an amazing legacy that will be celebrated for ages. He was such a fun guy that used his ability on the turntables to bring happiness to others. He was very talented but his personality made it ok to marvel at his mastery without feeling like a jock.

The last time that I saw him in person was when I went with Doug to his Gong Dj Battle. I had a great time and was honored to be there since I haven’t been around turntablism in ages. I used to be involved in a monthly dj event called “Table Turns” at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe many years ago. I was the guy standing on the speaker working the video screen thing. Shout out to Rocky, Kinetic, Rich, Alex, Bernard, Ashley and Tck krew.

I think the first time that I saw Raida in person was either an old Rocksteady Anniversary or maybe even earlier at those Phillipino parties that I used to hit up with Doug in Queens. Shout out to Total Eclipse, Kuttin Kandi, Daddy Dog and Rholi.

Peep these videos below which briefly show what Raida meant to me. I’m sure all of his battles will surface, but his quirky sense of humor along with his talent are what made him one of my favorites.

Roc Raida DJ 101

DJ Qbert Trying to ‘scratch’ Raida back to good health. It didnt work, but I truly wish it did.

Gong Dj Battle.


2 responses to “DJ Roc Raida Rest In Power.

  1. Roc Raider… the best! I remember Tables Turn… we used to kick it well out there. RIP Roc Raider- search for the light, and shine down on us brother.


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