Deez Nuts! Corona Queens.

My boy Scram is notorious for baiting you with conversation about people, until you instinctively ask the question “Who”? With the response coming through the phone, text or instant message being… “Deez Nutssss“!

Anyway, peace to Corona Queens. The neighborhood was known for many things in the past, (Kool G. Rap, Whore Houses, 3CF, 7 Train, Cops robbing drug dealers, The Outsiders, Junction Blvd., 103rd St, etc.) Though I’m not sure what it’s know for now. Mexicans I guess?

Relive the good ol’ days of Corona during Sacha Jenkins’ play staring classic rap group,The Beatnuts.  Tickets are 25 rocks as in $25.00 usd, silly.

Peep the synopsis:

DEEZ NUTS: A Musical Massacre starring the Beatnuts.

Deez Nuts, birthed by Hip Hop Kings from Queens, explores the rich, people-bred traditions that boomed in late 1980s Corona, Queens. Legendary rap group The Beatnuts came of age on these mean streets–a town smack dab in the middle of the most ethnically-diverse borough in the world. Deez Nuts is a re-telling of this emergence by the Beatnuts themselves, with support from their superior catalogue of music, a bad DJ (“bad” as in good), fine thespians and dancers alike. At center of it all is a young journalist who is passionate about understanding how music and dance and the visual arts (graffiti) came to power in a land where immigrant parents raised their substantial families with money earned from driving cabs or working fruit stands; how the sons of these immigrants cultivated their own special fruit (rap music) and distributed it to beat nuts around the world.

October 1st -3rd at 9:00PM

at Ohio Theater
66 Wooster St
New York, NY 10012
In SOHO – between Spring and Broome
Take the 6, N, R, C, or E

For more info click here please, but stay off these en you tees.


5 responses to “Deez Nuts! Corona Queens.

  1. in there no question! Crown city all day! not gonna front, that ” Though I’m not sure what it’s know for now. Mexicans I guess?” line was a low blow [pause]. beatnuts foreva die hard mutha f*ckassssssssssss [II]

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