Is The Scratch Deck The Dj Hero Killer?

Dj Hero’s reign on the top may be short like leprechauns as its first competitor readies for deployment. Say Word.

I remember when the Mark Ecko video game came out and writers everywhere were losing their mind, talking about Graffiti sellouts and yadda yadda. I was down from day one and I loved that game.  It was fun and didn’t do any more damage to the artform than the internet had. There were authentic writers in the game, its development and in its advertising. Not to mention, Ecko threw a legendary block party and put up  his money in court against our power hungry billionaire mayor and won! Rest in peace Roc Raida.

Dj Hero strikes a different chord with me though. I will reserve judgment on the game itself until I get to play it, but I can already envision walking into my favorite bar/lounge and seeing some goon trying to recreate scenes from Juice with a damn video game.

The advertising of the game is also suspect since it centers around Jayz and Eminem rather than real djs. I hear they have Jazzy Jeff going around the country promoting and demonstrating the game, so they could have easily had him or some other renown dj’s in the commercials. I guess the developers and advertisers aren’t on the same page..

Technology causes kaos. I remember hanging in a bar with Opie a few years ago and some lame was djing  with 2 ipods and a mixer blending Lil Mama’s “Lip Gloss” song with Queen’s “We Will Rock You” thinking he was killing something other than my eardrums..

AnyWu, it appears that all of these companies are still using the advanced technology and patents created by the Rza.

Shout out to my dude Jay Smooth whe delved deeper into the legend of the replicator.  You can peep that classic video here.


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