Raekwon and Capone n Nore: 3

Then the Raekwon set continued. It must be nice to have such a deep catalog of classic songs to draw from.

Rae was also presented with a very special gift from his label for having his Cuban Linx 2 album do so well. What could it be?

The Purple Cake!!

The Chef Approves!

Out comes Busta, who speaks on all the blood, sweat and tears that it took to release Cuban Linx 2. He gave a lot of background on the recording of the album as well as his thoughts on the Rae’s first classic. He basically said that once he picked up the original purple tape, he knew that he wasn’t going to be that same L.O.N.S. rapper again because the lyrical bar had been set and he was going to do his best to achieve similar greatness. Inspirational indeed.

And with that…the show was over. 1-2-3 peace. 1-2-3 PEEAAACCE.


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