Yes We Can Can-Food Drive 2010.

Peace and happy early birthday to my man Crazy Legs.

Y.W.C.C. is a Hip Hop themed food drive for those less fortunate that takes place every year. I’ve been going for many many years and it’s always the official start of my new year. I’ve seen some amazing bboy battles, amazing DJ sets as well as lots of chill folks who come out to party for a good cause.

Bring cans of food or you run the risk of getting played by the bouncers at the door. I’ve seen it happen. You don’t want to show up looking fresh in your new Christmas gear with your wifey looking crispy in her new sweater dress, only to have the bouncer send you to the bodega down the block, in this brick ass weather for some garbanzo beans. Come prepared with cans and come prepared to dance.

I plan to get my uprock on….for at least half a song before I get winded and hit the bar.

Shout out to the Arsonists, Non Phix, Bobbito,  Mazzi, Jay Smooth, Timeless Truth, Dj Red Alert, Big Mal, FLUD, 5MH, DYM and always TCK Mobb.

Rest in power to James Brown, Barry White, Isaac Hayes, Frosty Freeze, Odb and all of our loved ones who weren’t able to see 2010.


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