Energy 2 Burn. True School Hip Hop Party

Shout out to my man super Dj Eli Escobar. He’s a real cool cat, music encyclopedia, and for years, a cornerstone of New York City djing. When it comes to the sonic arts, he’s the real deal..O’neal. Aside from simply eating his vitamins, the combination of time, plus dedication has resulted in a successful dj career.

Also, for as long as I’ve known him, he’s never been shy to tell me why my favorite song sucks and time permitting, will possibly replace it with something more suitable.. for me.

DJ Eli aka The Cloud Kicker is akin to Nba coach Larry Brown, as in I can picture him many years from now, with gray hair and a pimp limp, encouraging young dj’s to “Spin Properly” and to “Spin the right way” .

Here’s your chance to see him play classic Hip Hop vinyl treats for FREE! And you know what they say, free rhymes with me.

From the promoters:

Two vinyl-addicted dj’s are going to bring a bunch of true skool hip hop party records and breaks circa “88-’92 to Trophy bar and play them..and YOU are gonna come out and dance, sing along, “Jump Around” “Pass the Mic” move “Back and Forth” get the Pic!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010 at 11:00pm – 4:00am
@Trophy Bar
351 Broadway (between Keap & Rodney)
Brooklyn, NY

Peace to TCK, 5MH, Family First, Nasty Vaz, Maestro, Sege, Doves, Angelo, Apex, Taboo, Host, Bobbito, Jise One and TBOT.

Footwork RIP!

Night Train Radio RIP!


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