Real OG’s Rock Tapes.

Wow, just came across this on the web. I don’t rock tapes anymore, but I feel his pain. Everything new becomes old. Looking at this tape collection is like looking at lost relics at a museum.

It got me thinking that recording artists who strictly release digital music aren’t really leaving anything for the future. The life span of their music is not only related to the life span of a computer/ipod/mp3 player, but also the delete key as well. Mp3’s are the most disposable form of music.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Peace to Rebel, Vaz and Stackswell.


2 responses to “Real OG’s Rock Tapes.

    • Yeah for real. I have tapes too, but really cant picture walking around New York City with a walkman. I dont even think I have a working tape deck in my crib.

      Maybe an OG doesnt can get away with rocking a more masculine styled Mp3 player that isnt and Ipod!

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