Peace to the God. Shamgod.

With the Nyc summer basketball tournament season soon upon us, it’s good to hear that God Shamgod is still on the radar. The former Nba player with the mystical handles, continues to light up all parks/gyms whenever he plays. The God’s rep is street-certified because he has the strength, speed and most importantly, a signature move that you’re always waiting to see (pause).

I remember going up to the Tristate Classic basketball tournament a few years ago to see the God’s team play against Kareem Reid’s team, which basically meant, God vs Reid! It was one of the most memorable recent basketball games that I’ve been to because the entire Harlem community came out to support these guys and they put on a great show. People were climbing trees and fences to get a peep of the action. I had a busted leg at the time, but stood for the whole game and gladly watched from outside the fence and behind the basket, since it was too crowded to get in. Peace to my dude Scram and his 2 boys who rolled as well.

As I continue to visualize my favorite street ball match ups, check out the commercial and if you aren’t up on one of Nyc’s most gifted and storied ballers, use Google my friend.

I also remember watching Shamgod’s son vs Kareem Reid’s son Uptown in a youth tournament and even the children knew they were a part of something special.


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