C.R.E.A.M. Get the money.

New hundred dolla bills ya’ll..

Make money-money…go shoppiiing.

Guru rest in peace my man. You always kept it one hundred. It will take many years for us to truly be able to measure how much meant. You got me through the teenage years with a lot of game that helped me navigate rocky relationships and learn the code of the streets.

A masterful artist that had a song for every situation a young man could go through, I salute you and hope that the pain of the past few years is behind you as you sit on your throne above the clouds. 21 gun salute for a rap king.

It was an honor every time I got to see you perform and will continue to rock your classics with pride in the future.

Love goes out to your family, son, Primo, Jeru, Lil Dap, Melachi the Nutcracker and the original Gangstar Foundation. Put the beats on any vampires who try to steal from your legacy.

Carlito Roc

TCK Krew

Rae Speaks on the passing of Guru.

Also spotted this great article from Guru’s older brother over at Grand Good.


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