I’m not talking about the Queens…

When cousin Tah posted up the video of that banshee with bangs getting two pieced (allegedly by some Brooklyn dudes), I had to check it out. Knowing that hood rat’s foul history, watching her get disciplined on camera was poetic justice. Of course, the politically correct thing for us to do would be to denounce all violence as Jay Smooth and M. L. King would, but we all know that there are times when folks just need to get chin checked. It’s all karma. When Suge Knight ate that combo from Greg the barber in LA, many folks said the same thing. It has less to do with their size and gender and more to do with the stench of their spirit. While comical, Kat Smack’s reckless behavior and thirst for attention leaves a trail of bad blood that repeatedly gets sniffed out by wolf packs. Hopefully this slap, heard ’round the world will serve as a wake up call for her and be motivation to use her energy for more positive things. Or at the very least, learn the 52 blocks so she can defend herself. I mean, does she really want to be remembered as the new “Soldier Girl”?

But don’t just take my word for it. Peep what the “Streets” are saying:

A lesson to young ladies and the youth in general. Beef isn’t convenient. Conduct yourself with respect and have respect for others in your environment. Don’t be so quick to throw people under the bus because once you let your guard down, you’re going to get caught slipping. Act up, you get smacked up.

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