Cortes Solo Show.

Mr. Cortes is All About Art.

His artwork has been one of my personal inspirations since the early 1990’s when I first came across his Graffiti masterwork along with partner Greed on Tilden High School’s handball courts in Brooklyn which was a living art gallery. My full thoughts on Tilden and how big of an influence it was on me will come at a later time.

Along with his excellent Graffiti talent, Mr. Cortes has amassed an impressive and diverse portfolio of mainstream jobs that while high profile never once seem forced or sacrifice his artistic sensibility. His talent lies in his ability to always show the honesty of life and death while being able to illustrate feelings without appearing cheesy.

Regardless of the outlet (Art, Music Videos, Album Covers, Walls, Flashback Magazine) the guy always brings his A game….or rather his A3 game.

Anyway, check out the show, Joe.

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