Keep your eye on the sparrow: Minister Farrakhan.

Powerful speech and definitely prophetic.  Since coming back from The Dominican Republic a few weeks ago, I’ve been thinking about the other part of the enchanted island that I have yet to see, Haiti.

I’ve been wondering what is going to be the the endgame for the disaster relief. Finally, it appears that the next battle will take place for the presidency. I wish all of the candidates the best and hope that they can make progressive strides to help enrich, empower and educate the people of Haiti.

For so many years the place has been neglected but it now has interest from global entities. Do the major corporations who have been providing aid to the country and keeping it in our consciousness through the mass media have honest concerns about the people of the island? Or is the main goal to provide another outlet for cheap labor, national dependency and tourist resorts? If you were born there, studied or have traveled through  the Caribbean, I’m sure you have an idea on how it usually turns out..

“How’s a devil gonna make you a Christian?”


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