Movie Time 4: LA SOGA.

I got a chance to see the movie LA SOGA a few days ago over at the 12th Street theater in Manhattan. It was a great day for a movie and to be in the city considering that it was raining like crazy. The sidewalks were traffic free and clear of  the many weirdos who now inhabit the East Village.

The Plot: A butchers son who saw his father get killed by the neighborhood drug dealer in the Dominican Republic, grows up and wants to settle the score.

The Good: Shot creatively in Santiago, D.R., the movie is in the same vein as hood classics from Jamaica, Third World Cop and Shottas. It also has subtitles so you won’t get lost in translation.

The Bad: I think I learned indirectly how to dismember livestock. Wtf?

What I Learned:A butchers job is never glamorous. Also, bring your own food and drinks to the theater because 12 st is a head crack.

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