Stop Freestyling 1: Think I blew a speaker.

Stop Freestyling aka A little preparation goes a long way.

Testing out a new external mixer while tired and drinking Jamaican rum and cokes at 4am isn’t really the best way to extend the life of your speakers. Especially if you didn’t read the included manual. Trying to be pro-active and have things ready to record today without doing all the proper checks resulted in an early funeral for one of my beloved speakers. Death by electrocution.

Lesson learned? Voltage is not your friend and always respect it.

Maybe it’s time that I learned how to repair and create my own equipment.

Also, the show must go on because I don’t think King Jammy would have made any excuses, so I won’t either. I know this may all be a bit vague if you don’t know me personally, but it will make sense in the near future. Stay tuned.


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