Real Talk: Airport Security.

Shout out to my boy Fabio from Canarsie for posting up this video. I’m very late on my knowledge of George Carlin and just started learning about his work after he passed a few years ago. While Mr. Carlin’s performance certainly comes across as being prophetic in a way, it’s a shame that it isn’t common knowledge or better yet a common practice of ours to see things for what they are.

As of a result of the new extreme security illusion at airports, I’m considering a personal boycott when I travel domestically. It might mean a little extra planning and possibly other means of transport, but who wants to pay all that money to fly, only to be strip searched before boarding a plane? C’mon son!

Shout out to Belize, Ewok, Reals, Sege, Angelo, Moncha, Erotica n Clark, Stem, Matt Coins, Ske, Dj C-Reality, The NY JETS, Menz and BlackSportsOnline for always coming through with the sporting links.


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