If I said it, I meant it – Jalen Rose.

As a big fan of the Fab 5 aka the Onyx of college basketball, it was a pleasure to see a documentary about the team, even if it was on Espn aka highlight central.

Hopefully in the near future, more documentaries will be made that expose the systematic ways in which colleges and universities are able to reap millions of dollars, as they farm amateur students in their basketball, football as well as marching band programs.

In the documentary, Jalen Rose had a few choice words about the recruitment process of college coaches that only recruit players from affluent families, namely coach K of Duke University, while subsequently throwing Grant Hill under the bus.

After a response from Grant Hill, Mr. Rose sticks to his guns.

Come to think of it, I don’t think we’ll see Coach K. in Brooklyn.. but whatevs..


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