DJ June from Japan on The Lunch Breaks Show Tuesday March 22nd

From my man Legs.

This will be a SPECIAL Lunch Breaks. Our agenda will be to promote awareness about what’s going on in Japan after the earthquake and tsnumi. But it doesn’t stop there. Because awareness with out action is useless. Please join us as we bring you DJ June. She will be there to cook it up in the kitchen of the Lunch Breaks Show as well as hit the turntables and school us on how we can all come together and help those in crisis and need. We’re really counting on more viewers then ever to show that we in the US and many other places in the world can come together to do what we know to be the right thing.
Crazy Legs

When your mentor is The Legendary DJ Scratch of Hip Hop group EPMD, expectations run high that your skills must be incredible on the turntables. Add in the fact of being female and Asian, and you definitely have something to prove. And She’s done it in front of toughest crowds of all, in New York City, the birth place of hip hop. She is also the official DJ for PLAYBOY MAGAZINE. How many DJs have had publication and media coverage strictly for their skills and crowd-pleasing taste on the turntables? DJ June has been featured in XXL, Scratch Magazine (Premier Issue), Swede Magazine, Flaunt, Hush, and on MTV, MTV2, Court TV, NYC TV, BET, BCAT and more. DJ June started out at the Institute of Audio Research studying to become a professional studio engineer. After graduation, she began working as a buyer specializing in vinyl at downtown Brooklyn’s legendary BEAT STREET RECORDS (1999-2006) and interning at a recording studio. At that time, DJ June was making beats which naturally lead to her becoming interested in DJing. Through her work at Beat Street, she consistently met major party and Hip Hop DJs and major label recording artists who would drop by to shop or sign at artist in-store events. The finishing touches in June’s training came when DJ Scratch showed her how to read the crowd and other tricks of the trade, including the all-omportant advice on dealing with the music industry. She has the experience, the knowledge, and the skills. From the recording studio to the club, she has and can do it all. With a ear to the streets and a ear for the perfect blend, it is little wonder DJ June is now being asked to DJ internationally.


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