Real Talk: Timeless Truth.

The soul brothers from Queens wax poetic on race relations. We last spoke of them here.

My Take on Tanning: Timeless Truth
posted by Sophie Ash date October 19, 2011 at 1:16 pm

Name: Timeless Truth (Solace and Oprime39)
Age: 23/26
Race: Latino
Occupation: Emcees
From: The galaxy of Queens, NYC
Twitter: @TimelessTruth

What’s the racial make-up of your friends?
Oprime39: Black, white, red, brown, purple, and yellow. Queens is a very diverse place.

What box do you check for race on the U.S. Census form?
Solace: “Another Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish Origin” – Dominican Republican

What’s your favorite musical mash-up of all-time?
Oprime39: It’s hard to zero in on just one. Along with the countless James Brown records, Bob James’ “Nautilus” has always been gold when it found its way in the hands of the right producer. The Brand New Heavies’ catalogue is definitely up there as well.

A recent Gallup/USA Today poll found that many Americans feel that Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream of racial equity has been achieved. What do you think?
Solace: Significant moves have definitely been made since then. However, when people of perceived superiority/authority still feel the freedom and entitlement to profile us and act towards us based on preconceived notions, it’s hard to completely justify that statement upon revisiting it.

What do you think of Jay-Z’s statement that “Hip-hop has done more than any leader, politician, or anyone to improve race relations”?
Oprime39: It’s a powerful statement that holds a lot of weight. Go to a Wu-Tang or dead prez show and analyze the crowd. You see kids overseas who can recite their favorite emcee’s verses verbatim, but can’t speak a lick of English outside of that.
Solace: That’s some real powerful imagery to speak to Jay’s point. Although it’s an art form fueled by testosterone, the culture is criminally under-credited for its levels of acceptance.

What are your musical tastes in terms of genres and artists you listen to and who puts you on to new music?
Solace: Hip-hop, R&B, Funk, Soul, Merengue, Bachata, Mambo, Perico Ripiao, Tipico.
Oprime39: The record shop cashier used to put us on to new joints. The Internets does this now.

How important is race when it comes to dating or marriage and do you have a preference when it comes to dating or marriage based on race?
Solace: Completely irrelevant. Love is love.

Do your parents care if you date or marry outside your race and do they have a preference in terms of race when it comes to who you date or marry?
Oprime39: Not at all. However, we know Latin parents that wouldn’t want their children to marry within the same ethnicity if the significant other is of darker complexion. Unfortunate, but this is real deep-rooted stuff.

How do you feel about others who date outside their race?
Solace: Could honestly care less. Love is love.

Does it bother you when people of a certain ethnicity prefer not to date within their own race (i.e. African-American guy preferring white girls, Asian-American girl who doesn’t date Asian guys, etc.)?
Oprime39: Doesn’t bother us because it doesn’t directly affect us. That is a very limiting point of view that prevents potential growth and opportunity.

Do you think that the trends of minorities becoming the majority and whites becoming the minority in this country will have a positive or negative impact on race relations?
Solace: Only time will tell. Check the trends and see who’s booming.
Oprime39: The takeover, the break’s over!



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