Timeless Truth: Cold Wave

Salute to the brothers Solace and Oprime on another masterful video for their new project Cold Wave. Album artwork by Charlie Doves.



Book Time: Justin Bua West Coast Book Signing.

I’ve been following Mr. Bua’s work since the early 2000’s and just got word from him about his next book signing.

We’ve all seen the work but may have not known the artist. Born on the once wild upper west side of Manhattan, bred on East Flatbush streets, he now cooks up funk on the West Coast.  Mr. Bua’s been breathing constant life into a sometimes stale art scene with his skilled portraits and designs.

Hopefully soon he can return to his roots and have a book signing in Nyc so that we can get our copies seasoned by the man himself.

In the meantime and between time though, if your in the Bay Area or La, be sure to pass by the signing and if not cop the book online.

You won’t be disappointed when you check out his renditions of Hip Hop luminaries and other folks who’ve influenced the culture.

I’ll put jewels on that.