WineWax @ BierWax

Vineyard Rooftop Reds, beer bar BierWax have one fruitful partnership

BierWax owner Chris Maestro didn’t know what to do with the wild grape vine in the bar’s back patio until Rooftop Reds came knocking.

From left, Village Vines director Malcolm Baker, BierWax

From left, Village Vines director Malcolm Baker, BierWax owner Chris Maestro and Rooftop Reds founder Devin Shomaker at BierWax in Prospect Heights. Photo Credit: Rooftop Reds / Mira Atherton


When Chris Maestro signed the lease on his Prospect Heights beer bar BierWax a year ago, the previous restaurant owner in the space warned him about the grapes.

“They said come September, they will start falling. It gets quite messy,” Maestro said. “I didn’t hear anything good coming of those grapes.”

Now, Maestro has found some good for the fruit growing on a vine in the bar’s back patio. He’s partnered with Rooftop Reds for the Brooklyn vineyard’s new nonprofit, Village Vines.

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Get Money: Super Villain Bank Robbers.

What better way to to fund a trip to the Rose bowl or to Tattoine than by stepping into a bank and helping yourself to the green?

While not exactly heists of the century, these guys were pretty brave and creative or is it crazy and deranged?

Thankfully no one got hurt.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Out of order.

Someone please throw the book at this dumb judge for her abuse of power. Another great example of the court system wasting tax payer money to house someone who barely even deserved a fine.

Mom who refused to allow son to visit serial rapist dad is finally freed from Rikers after 19 days

BY William Sherman

Wednesday, June 30th 2010, 4:00 AM

Sukhwant Herb


Sukhwant Herb

The Brooklyn mom jailed at Rikers Island for refusing to let her 9-year-old son visit his father – a serial rapist imprisoned in Arizona – was finally freed Tuesday night after 19 days of confinement.

Her first thought was of her children.

“I’m going to hug and kiss them,” said Sukhwant Herb, as she emerged from Brooklyn Supreme Court – still wearing black prison sneakers. “I miss them so much and I’m so happy to be out. I wouldn’t wish this on anybody.”

But in this bizarre case, Herb, 29, was kept prisoner for 25 hours after Brooklyn Family Court Judge Robin Sheares issued the original order for her release Monday evening, after the Daily News reported her plight Sunday.

Sheares was the judge who tossed Herb in jail in the first place, handing down a 50-day minimum sentence on June 10 after Herb defied an order to allow Seon Jr. to visit his his dad in prison.

The release paperwork was not sent to Rikers Island until yesterday morning. So Herb remained a prisoner throughout yesterday – first at Rikers, and then in a holding pen at Brooklyn Supreme Court – until Sheares called a hearing at 5:10 p.m.

Herb sat in the courtroom, stone-faced, during the brief procedure, in which she was released into her lawyer’s custody and ordered to return to court July 29.

Sheares tossed Herb into jail after she violated the order – having a change of heart after originally agreeing to it – without offering bail consideration.

The judge’s move, and comments in court, sparked outrage in the city’s legal community, especially since Herb was not charged with a crime and has no criminal record.


I’m not talking about the Queens…

When cousin Tah posted up the video of that banshee with bangs getting two pieced (allegedly by some Brooklyn dudes), I had to check it out. Knowing that hood rat’s foul history, watching her get disciplined on camera was poetic justice. Of course, the politically correct thing for us to do would be to denounce all violence as Jay Smooth and M. L. King would, but we all know that there are times when folks just need to get chin checked. It’s all karma. When Suge Knight ate that combo from Greg the barber in LA, many folks said the same thing. It has less to do with their size and gender and more to do with the stench of their spirit. While comical, Kat Smack’s reckless behavior and thirst for attention leaves a trail of bad blood that repeatedly gets sniffed out by wolf packs. Hopefully this slap, heard ’round the world will serve as a wake up call for her and be motivation to use her energy for more positive things. Or at the very least, learn the 52 blocks so she can defend herself. I mean, does she really want to be remembered as the new “Soldier Girl”?

But don’t just take my word for it. Peep what the “Streets” are saying:

A lesson to young ladies and the youth in general. Beef isn’t convenient. Conduct yourself with respect and have respect for others in your environment. Don’t be so quick to throw people under the bus because once you let your guard down, you’re going to get caught slipping. Act up, you get smacked up.

News you can use.

Soak up some current events so that you can sound cultured at the water cooler, the dinner table or on your first date..

First up, 70 years without food and they want to make a super soldier out of this guy. Wtf?

Indian military analyzes ‘holy man’ who drinks no water, consumes no food

By Lindsay Goldwert
Daily News Writer

Originally Published:Thursday, April 29th 2010, 12:56 PM
Updated: Thursday, April 29th 2010, 12:56 PM

Indian patient Prahlad Jani (Mataji), who claims he has survived  without food and water for more than seven decades, is pictured at  Sterling Hospitals in Ahmedabad on April 26, 2010.
An Indian man has the attention of the Indian military because of his claim that he does not require food or water to survive.

Prahlad Jani claims to a “breatharian,” someone who can live on “spiritual life force.” He says that his powers come from a goddess who pours a magic elixir into a hole in his palate, according to the London Telegraph.

He has been analyzed for the past six days in a hospital in Ahmedabad, Gurjara, and doctors say his body has not yet shown signs of hunger or dehydration despite no drinking or eating.

Doctors will continue observing him for 15 days in which time they would expect to see muscle wastage, serious dehydration, weight loss and likely organ failure.

Most humans cannot go longer than three to five days without water.

Speaking of water, It’s 2010 and the submarines are still segregated?

Ahoy there controversy! Navy to allow women to serve on submarines

BY Richard Sisk

Originally Published:Thursday, April 29th 2010, 4:45 PM
Updated: Thursday, April 29th 2010, 4:49 PM

Melody Tucker, 35, of Anaheim, Calif., climbs up a ladderwell in  the USS Carl Vinso in 2001.


Melody Tucker, 35, of Anaheim, Calif., climbs up a ladderwell in the USS Carl Vinso in 2001.

The century-old ban on women serving with men in the cramped quarters, group bathrooms and shared bunks for enlisted personnel on submarines passed quietly as Congress made no objections to the Navy plan.

Lt. Cmdr. Daniel Lombardo, executive officer of the submarine Alaska, told The Associated Press that “the guys are probably used to walking to the rest room in their boxer shorts and stuff.

“But all in all, I think the adjustments for the crew are going to be minor,” he said.

Women will be integrated slowly into the now all-male submarine service of 13,000 sailors.



Here are two links about demise of the GOP and why the Tea party is hypocritical for not going to Arizona to protest their proposed police state.

That is what they are fighting against.. right?

Who’s Jockin?

Fit the description, huh? Tricknology at it’s finest.

White robber nabbed wearing African-American ‘Hollywood’ mask

By Lindsay Goldwert
Daily News Writer

Thursday, April 22nd 2010, 2:15 PM

A robber who marauded in a high-quality mask that made him appear African-American was no match for Ohio cops.

Conrad Zdzierak, 30, has been charged with multiple counts of aggravated robbery after robbing four banks and an a CVS pharmacy on April 9, reports ABC News affiliate WFTS in Tampa.

Detectives say Zdzierak was initially able to elude the cops because of his disguise, an expensive silicon mask called “The Player” valued at around $650.

“The suspect seen in the surveillance photographs and that we were looking for, we believed to be an African-American male. The suspect was actually a male, white, who was wearing an elaborate disguise,” Springdale, Ohio, Police Lt. Michael Mathis told WFTS.

Investigators believe Zdzierak likely removed the mask between the robberies in order to confuse the cops who believed they were looking a black man.

The authorities caught a break when they spotted a Volvo with its interior splattered with red dye from a dye pack slipped into a bag used to hold the stolen money.

Police found Zdzierak hiding in a motel bathroom.

“He wore what I’m calling a ‘Hollywood quality’ mask,” Mathis said. “These things cost $600-$700.”

Police arrested Zdzierak and charged him with six counts of aggravated robbery.

“You are the type of villain we read about in novels and see in the movies,” Hamilton County Municipal Court Judge Melissa Powers told Zdzierak in court last Friday.

Zdzierak is being held on $3 million bond.


News you can use.

I came across this great article that explains clearly why banks are quick to hit you with over draft fees but are slow to credit your account after a deposit.

Also, many people like Ike find this site looking for more information about the Hip Hop Illuminati (which I last spoke of here and here). I’ll personally be keeping it light on the subject for the moment, but Ike check this site for more on the topic.

Unless of course you want to give some serious thought into Jay-z’s new connection with the richest man in Russia. Will the Jiggaman cash out and leave his stake in the team or will he stay aligned with the billionaire and continue to increase his wealth and stature? Will the new ownership encourage Lebron and basketball fans alike to put their pyramids diamonds in the sky for the New Jersey Brooklyn Nets? Hmmm…

Moving along..

Speaking of world figures.. who knew that Libyan leader Moamar Khadaffi was such a firm believer in women’s equal rights? Why else would he keep a mob of female security guards around him?

Street Fighter 2 fan maybe?

News You Can Use.

So if you were wondering how our boy Big Doves made out in Miami, look no further. You can check out a few flicks of the event here.

The New York Times has been beefing up their Hip Hop coverage with good articles on Big Daddy Kane here and an article on Tuff City Tattoo Artist Pack here.

I forgot who sent this blog to me, I think it was home fry Tommy Rebs, but its all you would want to know about Andre The Giant.  I havent’ read the whole thing, but you can peep it here.

Think I saw this in depth article on writer RD, over at what you write. The guy makes some valid points..

This link about people who trade skills for medical bills comes from Reals Tck.

Been having interuptions in your wi-fi service at Starbucks? There’s an explination here.  Daddy Starbucks is basically trying to prevent you from parking your ass on their furniture as you nurse that tall frappacino and rice krispies treat for 8 hours, as you work on that screenplay that you hope to pitch to Mark Walberg. Can you blame them?

MCF = Money Comes First.

Peace and Happy Birthday to my DJ partner Chris Maestro Tck.

2009-News You Can Use.

Happy New Years folks!

I’ve sobered up, put down the wine and now I’m back on the grind!

To set things off, here’s some news you can use:

The new Benicio Del Toro film on Che Guevera took 8 years to make.  Click here for the NY Post write up on “Che”. I will be seeing it very soon as well.

Are you in the habit of challenging parking tickets? No? Well, you’ve been missing out and wasting money paying the full amount by mail.  Click here for the NY Times Article on how to save scrilla on parking tickets.

So it seems like drug companies are going to stop giving doctors toys, pens, sports tickets and other trinkets while trying to solicit them to carry their drugs. Peep it here.

Sticking with the cash theme, cash still rules in 2009. Which is why our government is printing a whole lot more.

Big Doves TCK Gallery Show.

Come on out and spend an evening with The Classic Kids.

The spotlight will be on the talented and multifaceted Doves The Don. His passion for his art and multitude of inspirations will take us on a journey throughout his imagination and soul.

His professionalism, plus attention to style and detail, allow his work to be respected by his peers, clients, family and fans.

Within seconds of seeing his artwork, be it on a wall, t-shirt, g-string, poster or computer, his work transcends each medium with accurate and deliberate precision.

The TCK Dj’s will be providing the sonic backdrop for this visual feast.