New York Auto Show 2010: 1

One of my favorite yearly events in Gotham City.


New York Auto Show 2010: 2

Whips galore.

^^ Speed Racer in the back, casket hot rod in the front. (pause!)

^^I think the first car I ever loved.

^^ My favorite BatMobile.

^^This was actually a motorcycle for people in wheel chairs. Honk your horn to salute if you ever see this bad boy on the highway or the parking lot. I remember there was a lady in my old building who was in a wheelchair but had a van that she used to drive. The van had a ramp in the back and she would roll up to the front then drive with hand pedals. Where there’s a skill, there’s a way.

Assorted Flavors and Random Treats.

^Hands down, gum of the year. Don’t ask for a spare.

^Let’s get cake this year.  Red Velvet from Cake Man Raven.

^Kel 5MH Heineken cake.  Family First.

^Shout out to these colorful cats. Native New Yorkers.

^Speaking of cats. Taboo Dym hooking up the Lion King.

^One more time…The Purple Cake. Raekwon the Chef.

^Vinyl is love. It has 2 songs not on the cd.

^Fact or fiction?

^Amazing. Can we do that with the Ironman album?

Raekwon and Capone n Nore: 2

When Capone and Nore came out, they did all the choice cuts from their classic album The War Report. Not an ounce of Reggaton, thank God. Strictly hardcore tracks, not a new jack swing..

They are currently signed to Raekwon’s ICEWATER label and are working on The War Report 2!


Ay yo we light a candle, run laps around the English channel. Neptunes got a cocker spaniel!

CNN after them pesos..

Raekwon and Capone n Nore: 3

Then the Raekwon set continued. It must be nice to have such a deep catalog of classic songs to draw from.

Rae was also presented with a very special gift from his label for having his Cuban Linx 2 album do so well. What could it be?

The Purple Cake!!

The Chef Approves!

Out comes Busta, who speaks on all the blood, sweat and tears that it took to release Cuban Linx 2. He gave a lot of background on the recording of the album as well as his thoughts on the Rae’s first classic. He basically said that once he picked up the original purple tape, he knew that he wasn’t going to be that same L.O.N.S. rapper again because the lyrical bar had been set and he was going to do his best to achieve similar greatness. Inspirational indeed.

And with that…the show was over. 1-2-3 peace. 1-2-3 PEEAAACCE.

Great Gift Ideas # 1

The Holidays are upon us. Here are some last minute pick ups to give that special someone. Bless that boozaholic in your life with these special spirits.

Ghost Buster extraordinaire Dan Akroyd brings to you Crystal Head Vodka, which easily wins bottle design of the year. Stay alive, when you drink don’t drive.

Or maybe that certain someone is a do-it-themselves kinda person. We’ve got them covered too. Let em have a keg party with beer they made themselves! The MR. BEER kit has everything they need to make some brewski’s.

I’ll report back after my first keg is made.

NYC Halloween 2009: Part 1

It was a rainy night so I didn’t go to the Village Halloween parade as planned.  Luckily, there was a great costume party at the STAY lounge and I had a blast. Peace to all the party people that were there. It was the best Halloween party I’ve ever been too. A close second was Doug’s spooky Queens jam a few years back.