Reggae Vibes: Respect to the Don.

Interesting video of the King Isaacs with his roots firmly planted in JA. It’s always weird watching these things after the fact.

Rest In Soul.

Free Buju B! The US Government is unjustly preventing him from making bail.


Reggae Rewind: Mad Cobra

I’d like to send a get well shout out to the Reggae Star Mad Cobra. Some goons were trying to send a message to the Don and managed to shoot him in the shoulder. A few days later, they shot up his house on the Gaza side.

I hope the violence can stop as there are way too many Reggae Stars who’ve lost their life to the physical gun as opposed to the lyrical one.

^^Mad Cobra roasted Sean Paul on this riddim. Put two fingers in the air and lick a shot to salute the Don next time you hear this tune in a party.

^^An original rude bwoy anthem.  The NEW name in fact.

^^Not a one trick pony, the Mad Cobra knows that sometimes you must put the tough talk on the shelf and discuss issues with the ladies. Issues like why women should feel secure in their relationships if they are the wife already and the flip side for single ladies when a gal’s man is running you down..

No Cobra salutation would be complete without his RnB infused smash hit from the early 1990’s, FLEX which is a classic tune in its own right, but also shares the same riddim as Buju Banton’s infamous napalm letter to the Chi-Chi men Boom Bye Bye.

A word to the youth. If you were born from 1992 through about 1995 or even later,  there’s a grand chance that this song is the reason for your being. That’s right, before Viagra your parents were getting it in with FLEX.  So just in case you come home early and you hear this song rocking, you might want to go next door by Chris and play a few extra games of Super Street Fighter, as your folks lick two shots for the Mad Cobra.