The J: Brandon Jennings

Although I wasn’t able to pick him up in this years fantasy draft, and I’m doing too well to trade for him now, but it doesn’t hurt to still show him some love.

On a side note, the money grubbing team owners and David Stern keep ruining this season by threatening a lock out if the players don’t take salary cuts and agree to a laundry list of demands. The owners are basically trying to be Indian givers and want the players to give them back the money that they earned. What part of the game is that? Owning an NBA team is a luxury, not a right. If you can’t afford it, pass it along to the next group who will see the gold mine of talent, profit and entertainment.

When your nice, your nice.

Props to the 13th witness for this great video of Nigel Sylvester which has inspired me to put air in my bike tires and get back out to the city streets.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not doing all of that X games stuff but I do love cruising around Gotham City and interacting with the environment.

Lance, whats up with this years pizza and beer bike tour yo?

Peace to Sum 1 and Ske.

Brandon Jennings drops 55!!!!

Ok, so I’ve been giving Jennings props on my blog since last year right after he graduated from high school. Peep my thoughts on him here and here.

Ever since I’ve seen him play at the Rucker, I’ve kept tabs on him. It was an honor to draft him with my last pick in TCK Fantasy basketball.  I wish I got to see the full game and not the highlights, but I spent the night getting lost with Angelo then watching the Cotto-Pacman fight with Vazo and Chell TCK.

Seeing that 55 on my fantasy stat sheet was like a late birthday gift. I’m very proud of Brandon and hope his team continues to win and that he continues to break and set records.

Brandon Jennings for Rookie of the Year!

Brandon Jennings did it his way.

Congrats to Brandon Jennings on his historic journey to the Nba.  He landed the tenth pick in the draft but wasn’t even in attendance at Madison Square Garden because he wasn’t 100% positive that he would have been drafted that early.  He did show up in the arena a few picks later, which was pretty cool. He must have been around the corner waiting for the good word.

We last spoke of him here.

If this is your first time hearing about Mr. Jennings,  he’s basically the first American player to go from high school to the Nba via Europe. Meaning he totally bypassed the college system and Nba’s age requirement by going pro for a year in Italy.

He was advised by the infamous Sonny Vaccaro aka the man who advised MJ23 to go with Nike as well as many other blockbuster deals.

Mr. Vaccaro most recently co-signed Jeremy Tyler’s descison to forgo his senior year of high school and go pro in Europe! The future of players like Jennings and Tyler will decide what becomes of the age limitations.

Time will tell.

Investigative Reports: Hip Hop Illuminati?

{ed note: if the video above is still private, maybe that means the Hip Hop Illuminati is watching you and has logged your ip address. You can still see the video here though}.

The debate on Hip Hop’s ties to the Illuminati have been going on for some time now.

If you’ve had your ear to the street, you caught the uproar that occurred when Lil Kim’s ex, “World Wise” was connecting dots about four years ago on the radio.  He spoke on many things including the Masonic references on Jay-Z’s “Reasonable Doubt” album.

World Wise has since been locked up for some real crazy charges.  He was also allegedly involved in this, this, and this. Not to mention this supposed link to Brooklyn’s own Mike Tyson. Wow. Can World write a book please??

Also fanning the flames of conspiracy in the direction of the Jigga man, was rapper Prodigy’s handwritten note to URB magazine.

Peep it:

Is any of this plausible?

Time will tell, or maybe it won’t..but one thing is for certain. Hip Hop’s Illuminati is a lot more interesting than hearing about the weekly rapper chain snatching.

Oh, and about that Jaz-O video Prodigy was talking about?


Ron Artest Sports His New Threads.

Peace and Happy Bday to my boy $crilla $cram Dogs.  He’s the biggest Ron Artest fan that I know.

When its time for Tck Fantasy Bball, he always misses the draft and his first question is..”Yo, did I get Ron Ron?”

We had the pleasure of seeing Ron play all summer long here in NY.  Congrats to him on his new team and I hope he helps the Rockets get out of the first round.

Think the Houston fans are happy to have him? See for yourself.

He wears #96 now, but he used to wear #93 because one of his favorite songs was “93 Till Infinity” by the Souls Of Mischief. No joke.

MCF = Money Comes First.

Personally I think the Nba rule that prevents players from going into the league right after high school is retarded. Teams that don’t want players that young, don’t have to draft them.

Colleges could care less about educating these guys. The Ncaa is a pimping system that uses players to generate money for the schools.

This past draft set a record for the number of freshmen players taken in the first round.

Anyway, here’s a shift in events. One of this countries top high school point guards is deciding to forgo college in order to play pro ball in Europe.

That player is Brandon Jennings.

I had the opportunity to see Mr. Jennings (and his flat top) play up at the Rucker a few nights ago. He’s a talented scorer who’s good at running his team.

I wish him the best as he heads to Europe and look forward to seeing him in the league in a year or two.

Peep this video of the kid getting loose at the Jordan Classic.

MMA = More Money After?

About two weeks ago, I had an interesting conversation with Doves about the differences in pay between professional boxers and Ufc fighters.

Here’s a good article by Kevin Iole on the subject.

Now, while they can’t dethrone the boxers when it comes to prize money, MMA fighters are still able to make some serious coin. Word to Kimbo.

Man, gimme my bread.

Wouldn’t it be cool if once, just once.. Mr. Slice’s theme music was that oh so catchy Reggie Stepper song?

Master P might owe Reggie some Royalties, huh?

Speaking of songs, congrats to the 5th Plague for taking first place in the talent showcase last night. Thanks for the invite Bobby Lopez.