Killa Hill Anthem.

Peace to my man Bloody BL 5MH for producing this banger. When I heard the early version of this posse cut, it had nearly 15 people on it.  I was wondering how that was going to fly, but it was scaled back nicely.

There aren’t too many folks out there making music like this any more. Hard beats, hard rhymes, skillfully rappin about hard times. This ain’t tight pants music. Emo rap take a back seat and put the mic down, before u get duffed..

the ruff cut of the video was nice too.


Industry Shakedown Radio Show 1yr Anniversary.

Congrats to my dudes Pay Jay and Solace on the one year anniversary of their college radio show “Industry Shakedown Radio”. I give them credit for sticking with their show and format even when the program director was giving them hell.

I was originally just supposed to spin music in between the performances at their anniversary show, but ended up responsible for all the sound and music for the night.  It was a fun and challenging night that all in attendance enjoyed.

I’m still not sure what happened to Dallas Penn who was supposed to host the event.

Thanks to my dude Dj Stackswell, Angel of the Mona Passage and the cool ass sound man who defended us when his boss gave him hell about the volume and bass.

Check out a few of the videos that popped up on the net from the Sputnik show below.

Roc Marciano of Flipmode Squad.

Meyhem Lauren.

Timeless Truth.

Amo one, Precise Omega, 5MH Crew

Investigative Reports: Uptown Phenomenon part 5

In part 3 of this series, you saw the pictures showing how the Mighty Nutcracker and DogWater looked in their proper setting. The streets of NY.

What I found most intriguing about the drink, is the fact that those who buy and enjoy them know little of the ingredients. The vast majority just accept it as a sweet, tasty mixed drink that they bought from someones car, bodega, cooler at the beach, back of the barbershop, at a parade etc.

Its fruity taste and potent alcoholic blend is known to make you feel good without drinking too much or spending a lot of money.  Drinkers of the mighty Nutcracker usually warn you to, “Be careful where you get them from”.

Aside from the different liquors in the mixed drink, I’ve heard reports of ecstacy, cough syrup with codine, rubbing alchohol(when they run out of liquor), assorted pills like crushed vicodins, liquid morphine, promethazine and even Nyquil cherry flavor added into the equation .

So just be careful where you get them from.

With that out of the way, back to the festive activity which made me notice the Nutcrackers in the first place. It started with me observing people in the ball parks of Harlem having a good time, watching a bball game, listening to music, while drinking something red, out of a styrofoam cup.

A five dollar Nutcracker in a fifty cent cup to be exact.

Although the mighty Nutcracker is most popular in uptown Manhattan, it is also widespread in the Bronx as well as parts of Corona Queens. Its origin though, can be traced back to Williamsburg Brooklyn as early as 1994.

I’ve had many people who’ve been drinking them since the mid 90’s take exception to me calling it an “Uptown Phenomenon”, since it seemed to catch on uptown later in the 2000’s.

After seeing the documentation in the following video, you will see where I’m coming from. There is no where else in the city of New York where it’s “popping” as much in regards to the mighty Nutcracker. When it comes to being a part of the social fabric and backdrop, uptown takes it.

Also, something isn’t a legitimate phenomenon until there is a song made about it. Right? Riiiight.

I’ll warn you in advance, don’t try to figure this out in one sitting. It will take you quite some time to get what he’s saying.

My favorite line?: “Beat walker gave me hunned dolla summons, for a 5 dollar Nutcracker in a 50 cent cup”!

By my calculations that ticket added up to aprox. 18 nutcrackers, but it doesn’t seem like Mr. Lux minds one bit.

Me And Da Biz…

If I bump into Masta “ASE” at the show, I’m going to ask him to perform “Me and Da Biz”. I still love that song and try to play it every time I dj.  Wouldn’t it be crazy if Biz Mark himself did his parts? I’d lose my mind!

I’m going to bring my vinyl just in case Ace says he doesn’t have the beat.

On second thought, most dj’s dont even play vinyl anymore..

Lets see how it goes.

Thursday July 31, 2008


Biz Markie with a special live dj set hosted by Masta Ace with Large Pro and Marco Polo.

Exclusive perfomances by other special guest artists plus

Open Mic

The first 25 MCs to register at the door will get to spit live over Large Pro and Marco Polo’s Beats

Open Mic hosted by: Jeru the Damaja, Juju of the Beatnuts.

8 pm

$12 in advance or RSVP/$18 at the door

18+ 21 to drink